• December 14, 2020

Event agency

Are you going to organize a party at the company soon? Then we can certainly help you. As a full-service event agency we specialize in the creation, organization and implementation of parties and celebrations for the business community. From staff parties to jubilee parties and from open days to family days.

DJ booking for your wedding

Hire wedding dj? We have a wide range of DJs who can mix and match images with style. But of course mixing isn’t the only thing a DJ does, feeling the audience and choosing the right records is what makes the atmosphere. By hiring a DJ you know the atmosphere will be fine.

More and more electronic music is being produced on stage, which is why we also include DJs under ‘live’. A DJ is generally flexible in what genre he or she spins, but of course every DJ has a specialty. Depending on the ambiance you are looking for, there is a wide choice of DJs that can be hired for different situations.

When booking a DJ it is important to make arrangements about the equipment that will be brought along. It is also wise to take into account the length of the evening when booking.

Renting bands

For the quieter occasions such as Living Room Concerts or Receptions semi-acoustic bands are a tried and tested concept to hire. We offer a wide range of live music that is quiet; nice to listen to; and can function both in the foreground and in the background.

For an intimate setting, booking a singer or singer is an appropriate choice because they know how to entertain the guests flawlessly. For concerts in a living room you can choose from very talented singer-songwriters and small band formations.

For ceremonies you can consider hiring a singer accompanied by a small unamplified formation. But a classical ensemble, a choir or quiet folk band books can also be a nice change for between the speakers.

Choose for coverband booking!

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